Saturday, July 31, 2010

My bookmarks for 07/31/2010

  • "Quite simply, SlickGrid is a JavaScript grid/spreadsheet component.

    Some highlights:

    * Adaptive virtual scrolling (handle hundreds of thousands of rows with extreme responsiveness)
    * Extremely fast rendering speed
    * Supports jQuery UI Themes
    * Background post-rendering for richer cells
    * Configurable & customizable
    * Full keyboard navigation
    * Column resize/reorder/show/hide
    * Column autosizing & force-fit
    * Pluggable cell formatters & editors
    * Support for editing and creating new rows.
    * Advanced detached & multi-field editors with undo/redo support.
    * “GlobalEditorLock” to manage concurrent edits in cases where multiple Views on a page can edit the same data."

    tags: jquery javascript grid spreadsheet table slickgrid

  • "BAR is backup archiver program. I developed this program after I could not find a simple to use archiver program to create compressed and encrypted archives of my files which can be stored on a cd or dvd. While I devoped the program - development is still not finished - I added some more useful features. Now I use the program to make automated backups from all my files either on dvd or directly via an Internet connection to a file server. "

    tags: backup system administration linux

  • "WinAPIOverride32 is an advanced api monitoring software.
    You can monitor and/or override any function of a process.
    This can be done for API functions or executable internal functions.

    It tries to fill the gap between classical API monitoring softwares and debuggers.
    It can break targeted application before or after a function call, allowing memory or registers changes; and it can directly call functions of the targeted application."

    tags: api winapi development win32 windows

  • "acts_as_api makes creating XML/JSON responses in Rails 3 easy and fun. "

    tags: acts_as_api ruby ruby on rails rails

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