Friday, July 30, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 2 Update

Update: This article is out of date and will not be updated. I've moved on to Chromium (Beta Channel) mostly for the HTML5 support. You should give it a try.

Took me a bit, but I'm up to date with Firefox 4 beta 2. Greasemonkey still seems a little of as of the latest nightly build for 07/24 from

The only thing that was holding me back from fully switching over was the ability to run my Twitter Greasemonkey scripts, but since my last try at FF4 I've found PBTweet+ which has a wide range of options for installation (Firefox Extension, Greasemonkey, Chrome, Safari and a Bookmarklet). By using the bookmarklet I can enjoy using twitter again and I can actually live without my other scripts or Stylish until they're fixed for FF4.

So what's the big deal about running FF4?
  • HTML5 - This is the biggest feature for me
  • App Tabs as of beta 4
  • Speed - FF4 feels a lot faster than 3.6

What extensions are working? Some of my extensions are running thanks to the compatibility hack.

Compatible with FF4 b2 out of the box:
  • AdBlock+
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter
  • Firefox Sync
  • Flag Fox

Non Compatible, but working:
  • Diigo Toolbar
  • TinEye Reverse Image Search
  • Web Developer Toolbar

Extension not working:
  • Aviary
  • Fastest Fox
  • Firebug
  • GreaseFire
  • GreaseMonkey
  • Stylish

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  1. siliconchaos4/8/10 4:40 PM

    Thanks for the info. I'll download and look at the them tonight.