Friday, November 05, 2010

Forcing MPlayer to use MKV embedded fonts

In my opinion Matroska Media Container (MKV) files are the best for format for video, and MPlayer is my video player of choice (command line only for me).

Anyway, by MKV files can contain embedded fonts which make it much nicer to view your subtitled videos. In order to turn on embedded fonts you'll need to launch MPlayer with the following options -ass -embeddedfonts we need to add the ass options since these are the type of subtitles which support embedded fonts.

Here are some samples for you to see the difference:

Subtitles with default font rendering 
Subtitles with embedded fonts

Embedded fonts will change from file to file. I've seen some really fancy ones where different characters will have their own font. Most releases by Anime Fan-Sub groups are in MKV and contain embedded fonts.

For more information on Matroska:

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