Friday, November 05, 2010

Boot keyboard combinations for Macs

List of keyboard combinations to use while you "Intel-based" Mac is booting up.

For best results use these key combinations right after you hear startup sound.

Key CombinationDescription
C Boot from a bootable CD or DVD, such as the Mac OS X Install disc or even a Linux LiveCD
D Apple Hardware Test (AHT), the Install DVD 1 must be in optical drive.
Option-Command-P-R Hold until you hear two beeps to Reset NVRAM
Option Startup/Boot Manager, allows you to select a Mac OS X volume, BootCamp, External or Optical Drive.
Eject or F12 Ejects any removable/optical media from drive. Also works by holding down the mouse/trackpad button
N NetBoot (Network Boot)
T FireWire Target Disk mode. Allows you to mount machine on other Mac as an external drive
Shift Safe Boot mode. Temporarily disables login items.
Command-V Verbose mode.
Command-S Single-User mode.
Option-N NetBoot using default boot image.

More Information: Apple KB Article HT1533

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