Monday, January 10, 2011

Copy Paste: Apple iPad: A Linux Administrator’s New Assistant

"Linux fans are second only to Appleheads for their undying, and often blind, support for their beloved operating system. So, how can these two warring factions peacefully coexist in the same support space? If you can turn your attention away from Angry Birds for a moment, you might learn that your iPad is more than an expensive slab of electronic crack and that it’s possible to work with and manage Linux systems by tapping and raking your digits on its fingerprint-prone surface. This article describes how to do just that using SSH and VNC."

"There are several SSH clients from which to choose in Apple’s App Store. Some are free, others are inexpensive and one is a bit pricey for an app at $9.99 but its extensive list of features clearly justify the extra money you’ll pay for it. The app referenced here is iSSH from Zingersoft."

"The iSSH app is not only a capable SSH client but it’s also a VNC client, telnet client and X Server. Additionally, you can open more than one SSH connection and switch between them with a finger swipe. There is a limitation of a single X connection, though so you can’t run an X session in one window and a VNC session in another. The developers actively upgrade this application and regularly expand its feature list."

"You’ll enjoy and appreciate iSSH and your iPad more as you work with them in this new support context. The iPad is the perfect portable Linux support tool for System Administrators. As the iPad matures, more apps that integrate it with Linux will appear, though admittedly; SSH, X, VNC and web-based apps are already well covered with iSSH and the Safari browser"

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Configuring a New SSH Connection Profile in iSSH

iSSH Profile List, Edit and Configuration Screen

iSSH X Session with Xcalc, the Multifunction Application and Keyboard.

The Multifunction X Session Application

iSSH VNC Profile Configuration Screen

iSSH VNC Session Showing Target Host’s GNOME Desktop
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