Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter 2011 Anime Schedule

The Winter 2011 Anime Schedule looks promising. Here is a list of the Anime I plan to watch (at least the first two episodes) in chronological order:

Houkago no Pleiades

Air Date: Jan 2011
Producers: Gainax
Genres: Cars
A collaboration between Gainax and the car maker Subaru.
Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Air Date: Jan 4, 2011
Producers: Xebec
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi
Anime featuring Rio, a character from slot machines.
IS: Infinite Stratos

Air Date: Jan 6, 2011
Producers: 8bit
Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Japan engineered an armed powered exoskeleton "Infinite Stratos" (IS) and it became the mainstream of weapons. Since only women can operate IS, women dominate the society over men. Orimura Ichika is a 15 year old boy and accidentally touches an IS placed in the IS pilot training school. He is found to be the only man who can operate IS and forced to enter the training school. Ichika's busy school life surrounded by girls has begun.
Yumekui Merry

Air Date: Jan 6, 2011
Producers: J.C. Staff
Genres: Action, Supernatural
Ten years ago Fujiwara noticed he had a power to see multicolored auras surrounding the person's body. Ever since then he's been having a weird dream about a war with cats. Then one day a mysterious girl falls on top of him...


Air Date: Jan 7, 2011
Producers: Madhouse Studios
Genres: Action

Wolverine anime.


Air Date: Jan 7, 2011 to ?
Producers: Bones
Genres: Mystery, Shounen
The year is 1924, the place, Sauville, a small European country neatly tucked beside the Alps...

Kazuya Kujo has been studying abroad at the prestigious Saint Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. Most Kazuya ignores but the story of the Queen Berry, a mysterious ghost ship, really gets to him. Of course, his brainy friend Victorique is much more intrigued by true stories, and she uses her unrivaled logic to solve mysteries even the town's famous detective can't. Ironically, it is Victorique's inquisitive nature that leads the duo to board a ship that matches the Queen Berry's description to a tee, a ship that might just hold the key to solving a sinister mystery...

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Air Date: Jan 7, 2011 to ?
Producers: Aniplex, Shaft
Genres: Magic
Upcoming original anime by Studio SHAFT.

Air Date: Jan 8, 2011 to ?
Producers: Media Factory
Genres: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Romance
Set in a slightly futuristic world where Earth has been invaded and is at war with aliens from another dimension called the Nova, the story follows the adventures of a Japanese boy named Kazuya Aoi who enrolls for training at a special school for genetically modified girls called Pandoras who battle the aliens, and their male partners, called Limiters, who use a special power called "freezing" to limit their opponent's mobility. The protagonist makes the acquaintance of an unusual older girl named Bridgette L. Satellizer who appears to be the most powerful Pandora in her class, but has not yet chosen a male partner to be her Limiter, and in spite of the warnings of all his friends, he decides to be her Limiter.
Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!

Air Date: Jan 8, 2011 to ?
Producers: Zexcs
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Junior High student Nao's brother complex is so strong, it's almost at the point of incest. She's determined to make her brother, High School student Shuusuke, see her as a woman. So determined, that she goes as far as going into his room to throw away all his non-incest related porn. But as she's looking for his porno stash, she finds a photo album... and she's not in any of his childhood pictures. What is going on?

Air Date: Jan 9, 2011 to ?
Producers: Studio Pierrot
Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, School, Shounen, Supernatural
The story follows the "strongest juvenile delinquent", Oga Tatsumi, a first year in "Ishiyama High" the school for delinquents. One day while sleeping next to a river he sees a man floating down it, he pulls him to shore and the man splits in half revealing a baby boy. This boy is the son of the demon king and he has been chosen as the one to raise it with the baby's demon maid Hilda. The story follows his life with the child and at the delinquent school.
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

Air Date: Jan 10, 2011 to ?
Producers: Studio Deen
Genres: Action, Magic
Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school boy. One day he is killed by a serial killer and revived as a zombie by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. He starts to serve Eu as her guard but he happens to deprive the mahou shoujo Haruna of her magic power. Haruna orders Ayumu to fight against the anti-mahou shoujo system "Megalo" in her place.
Dragon Crisis!

Air Date: Jan 10, 2011 to ?
Producers: Studio Deen
A normal high school boy Kisaragi Ryuji's peaceful life is turned into an adventure by the return of his second cousin Eriko. Ryuji and Eriko seize a relic box from a black broker. In the box, they find a red dragon girl Rose. In order to protect Rose from the black organization, Ryuji decides to fight using his power as a relic handler.
Level E

Air Date: Jan 10, 2011 to ?
Producers: David Production, Studio Pierrot
Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Tsutsui Yukitaka was a freshman who had just entered a high school, and he was hoped to be a good baseball player. When he moved to a new apartment, there was a man in the room. He said he was an alien and lost his memory.

Actually, he was the first prince of Planet Dogra, and he was the man who had the best brain and the worst nature.

Air Date: Jan 13, 2011 to ?
Producers: A-1 Pictures, Ordet
The story takes place on an island, where a "Fractale System" is beginning to collapse. One day, Clain finds an injured girl called Phryne under a cliff. She disappears leaving a pendant. Clain sets out for a journey with the girl-shaped avatar Nessa to look for Phryne and discovers the secret of the Fractale System.

Suite Precure♪

Air Date: Feb 6, 2011 to ?
Producers: Toei Animation
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo
New Pretty Cure anime in the franchise by Izumi Todo. Based on the title logo, the series theme will be related to music.

Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi

Air Date: Feb 2011
Producers: P.A. Works
Genres: Magic
The main character Tatsumi Mai is a girl who uses magic to understand the feelings of people.

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