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jProgr: The future of security on the iPhone

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In France an attack was able to modify the wallpaper of many iPhones thanks to a vulnerability in the SSH protocol. Victims were presented with a message to visit a certain web site and pay $4.95 using PayPal in order to receive instruction on securing their iPhone and preventing worse types of attacks. via
The screen capture to the left is the image which surprised many Europeans, this is something which alarming but thankfully the attacker soon published the solution to the vulnerability. This is one of the first attacks on the iPhone-- any technology is secure at first for the simple fact that it is not popular (among its users as well as as its attackers. But when the popularity begins to rise, black hat hackers take notice and interest. 

In the beginning Windows had a formidable "barrier" that had no virus, but now you can't click on a link without thinking twice. Mac OS is going through this process very slowly, and Linux still offers a decent "barrier" when it comes to security.

The iPhone, with more and more sales, is under increasing attack. It is not the first but currently has one of the fastest growing markets and I assure you it will not be the last. Take for example smartphones (the iPhone is a level higher than a smartphone) at the beginning you could navigate without worries, but now there are even AntiVirus for these devices.

Is a matter of time, but in the future we will have to be so careful while browsing and sharing files on Apple's star gadget as well as when you connect your flash drive in your own computer. And of course, as in Windows, it will become more and more expensive to own an iPhone, you will have to pay for extra security applications (whether antivirus, firewall, etc..) because any improvement in security that Apple develops for the iPhone it is going to be violated as it is in Windows.

Now with the scales balanced, let's see who is better at this: Microsoft or Apple.

Source Article: El futuro de la seguridad en el iPhone
Published on: 2009/11/05
Author: jProgr

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