Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beware the Facebook "awkwardhaha" scam

Naked Security just reported of a new watch-this-video survey scam. The message says, "Hey, [name]!! What the heck are you doing in this video! LOL", and links directly to a Facebook application:

The link - which looks legitimate enough because of the "" domain - redirects you to a video-hosting site. For a brief moment, you'll see a web page opening with the title "Videos here - Powered by CO.CC":

The page uses a JavaScript trick to redirect you to yet another site, which pops up a fake Facebook login page:

These types of scams aren't usually picked up by Anti-Virus or Malware applications. As with any link or download on the internet, always use caution and verify the address in your browser and do not log in to application which are not using https or have expired/unknown certificates.

Article source information and images courtesy of Naked Security. To read the source article please click here.

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