Monday, November 01, 2010

Gundam Rock

I just got "Gundam Rock" by Andrew W.K. and it is amazing (unless you're not a Gundam fan). I'm surprised I haven't heard of this CD before since it was released in 2009.

I now have 16 tracks of Gundam Awesomeness to accompany the rest of my Anime Collection:

  1. TV Series Opening Narration
  2. Gundam On The Earth
  3. Fly, Gundam!
  4. Char The Great
  5. Here Comes Char
  6. Star Children
  7. The Cross of Sand
  8. Eye Catch
  9. Soldiers of Sorrow
  10. Peace For A Moment
  11. Alone In The Wind
  12. Beginning
  13. Fear To Fight
  14. Encounter
  15. Amuro Forever
  16. Garma Zabi's Funeral Speech By Gihren Zabi
I've got a few other Anime soundtracks on the way, I'll probably post something simple like this once I get them (having to rebuild my collection).

You can purchase the album at Amazon.

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