Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Google Chrome 7 in the wild

Google Chrome 7

On Tuesday (Oct 19th) Google released a new stable release of their browser Chrome. Google has been releasing a new stable release about every six weeks with bug fixes, improvements and new features.

If you have Chrome installed you should get the update automatically, or you can download the latest version from the Chrome site

Jeff Chang (Product Manager), mentions in his blog post the following:
In this stable release, we’ve focused primarily on hundreds of bug fixes. We’ve also included a few other things that may be of interest to developers, such as full AppleScript support on Mac OS X for UI automation and implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm, the File API, and directory upload 

This is great news for Mac OS X users since you will now be able to script chrome with Applescript and Automator.

Chrome 7 includes 83 new features which include:
  • Daily Auto-Updating Google Chrome Build (22158)
  • Support apps in incognito mode (49232)
  • Support the HTML5 FIle API (37785)
  • Enable GPU-accelerated composition for WebGL (48621)
  • Linux implementation of app tabs (45540)
Chrome lists 598 bug fixes for Milestone 7 (732 if you include bugs taged as "Won't fix" or "invalid"). For the full list of bug and features address in this release click here