Friday, July 16, 2010

Wine 1.2 in now available

The latest release of Wine has taken two years with over 23,000 changes. These changes include over 3,000 bug fixes.

You can get the source from:
  • to get it straight from the source repository

Or you can download a binary package from:

Documentation can be found here:

What's new (highlights):

Core functionality
  • Loading and running 64-bit Windows applications is now supported on x86-64 processors
  • WoW64 file system redirection is supported now
  • WoW64 registry redirection is now supported in 64-bit prefixes.
  • The mount manager now reports the actual UUID for disk devices that support it instead of a hard-coded one.
  • Symbolic links are now supported in the registry.

User interface
  • New icons for built-in applications, and for the standard toolbars and images. These are based on the Tango which should give application better integration with the rest of the Linux UI.
  • There is now an application wizard control panel to manage installed applications.
  • Many features of the RichEdit control are improved
  • Many common controls work better now
  • Wine is now fully translated to French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, and Korean.

Desktop integration
  • File associations created by a Windows applications are now registered with the Unix desktop.
  • Application icons support alpha channel transparency under window managers that support it.
  • Screen saver is now launched when a Windows application makes a request to start the screen saver.
  • Start Menu entries are now properly removed when an application is uninstalled.
  • Copying and pasting images between Windows and Unix applications
  • Launching an external Unix Web browser from a Windows application
  • MSI files are now associated with Wine

  • Subpixel font rendering is now supported
  • Icons with alpha channels are now properly blended in
  • Image lists now properly store the alpha channel of images
  • The windowscodecs dll has been added, with codecs for the JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, and TIFF image formats.
  • Many more capabilities are now supported in the SANE scanner backend. This improves scanning support in Acrobat.

  • Digital playback of audio CDs is now supported.

Internet and networking
  • The Gecko HTML engine has been updated
  • There is now an essentially complete implementation of the JavaScript language.
  • The IRDA network protocol is now supported by the socket layer.

There are also improvements to Direc3D, built-in applications and performance.

For a complete list of changes and additions please read the release announcement.

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