Saturday, July 17, 2010

My bookmarks for 07/17/2010

  • "CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. Think of it as JavaScript's less ostentatious kid brother — the same genes, roughly the same height, but a different sense of style. Apart from a handful of bonus goodies, statements in CoffeeScript correspond one-to-one with their equivalent in JavaScript, it's just another way of saying it. "

    tags: javascript programming coffeescript js script compiler dsl

  • "[Individual Developer (Standalone)] commands are essential for anybody who makes a commit, even for somebody who works alone.

    If you work with other people, you will need commands listed in the [Individual Developer (Participant)] section as well.

    People who play the [Integrator] role need to learn some more commands in addition to the above.

    [Repository Administration] commands are for system administrators who are responsible for the care and feeding of git repositories."

    tags: git versioncontrol SCM programming reference

  • "This tutorial explains the installation of a Samba fileserver on Ubuntu 10.04 and how to configure it to share files over the SMB protocol as well as how to add users. Samba is configured as a standalone server, not as a domain controller. In the resulting setup, every user has his own home directory accessible via the SMB protocol and all users have a shared directory with read-/write access. "

    tags: server ubuntu linux SMB Samba

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