Friday, July 09, 2010

Greasemonkey and Firefox 4 Beta 1

Update: This article is out of date and will not be updated. I've moved on to Chromium (Beta Channel) mostly for the HTML5 support. You should give it a try.

Disclaimer: Using a developer or nightly build of any application can cause problems with your application or system. This is how I get Greasemonkey to work on my setup and I'm not responsible for any issues you may have.

Finally able to run Greasemonkey on Firefox 4 Beta 1, but there are still some problems. In order to get it running you'll need to download the latest nightly build which currently is greasemonkey-2010.07.08.beta.xpi from

The current issue I'm having is that whenever I click on "Manage User Scripts" it locks up my Firefox interface and I need to End Task Firefox in order to bring it back. After I click on "End Task" in Taskmanager Firefox will prompt for Save and Quit, if I click cancel I get response back. Annoying and for now need to remove scripts manually.

I'll post updates as whenever the above issue is resolved.

Greasefire 1.0.4 is not compatible with Firefox 4 Beta 1 and does not work with Greasmonkey Nightly Build 2010.07.08

User Scripts Tested so far:

Update: Tested Nightly build 2010.07.14 and still no luck on getting the Script Manager up and running.

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