Friday, July 02, 2010

Element OS 1.3 is now Available

Just came across Element OS 1.3 and from reading their release announcement it looks like a really good project. I have not tried it yet (in the process of downloading), but will get it on a VM and I'll update this post once I take it for a spin.

The main purpose of Element OS is to provide you with a Home Theater PC much like Mythbuntu (both of these distribution are built on top of Ubuntu). From what I can tell it uses Cooliris Media Browser in order to provide streaming of Videos. It also includes an Update Manager (shiny wrapper around Synaptic) to keep your software nice and fresh and a custom Firefox interface.

It also include Clicker TV to offer you streamed content from most of the mayor networks (CBS, ABC, Fox, Showtime, etc.), and Amazon Video on Demand.

Under the hood Element OS 1.3 is built on top of Ubuntu 9.10 and includes Linux kernel 2.6.31-22. Here's a list of other notable features:

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  1. Excelent, I didn't knew about cooliris media browser either, thanks :)