Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tip: Converting .cbr to .cbz and viceversa

Just got iComic for my iPhone which is a really neat little application to view either image files (jpg, png, or tif) or compressed zip or cbz archives.

I have a few comics I'm reading which are in .cbr format and iComic does not support. These files are no more than standard compressed files (rar for cbr files and zip for cbz files) and I'll you need to do to get a .cbr file converted to .cbz is to first uncompress the .cbr (you can rename to .rar to uncompress) and then just zip up the folder and rename to .cbz. To go from .cbz to .cbr just reverse the process by unzipping the archive and the compressing into rar format and then renaming the archive.

Why have the .cbr or .cbz extensions? One good reason would be to associate these files with a Comic reader application.

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