Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My bookmarks for 06/29/2010

  • ASCIIcasts are text versions of each Railscast, each with a link to the original video.

    tags: ruby, rails, screencasts, asciicasts

  • How to build a WinPE Image 3.0 Manually

    tags: Windows 7, WinPE

  • "The process of creating a Windows PE 3.0 disk has changed slightly from the previous version. Luckily the Windows PE User’s Guide that ships with the WAIK has all the information you’ll ever need. To get started download the WAIK for Windows 7 RC here. Then follow the steps in the section “Windows PE Walkthroughs”. I’ve provided the batch file I use to create a generic WinPE 3.0 ISO below."

    tags: Windows 7, WinPE

  • "batch command to build custom Windows 7 PE using winre image, mount wim image using dism, add additional file/registry, save wim image and create bootable ufd using diskpart to be used with Windows 7 PE.
    it has additional tasks also to make back up entry of installed Windows 7 so you can use UFD to boot current windows 7"

    tags: Windows 7, WinPE

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