Friday, June 25, 2010

My bookmarks for 06/25/2010

  • "Swatch isn't a cleverly designed watch from the 1980s but you'll think it's just as handy (and cleverly designed) as one. Like Logwatch, swatch is a perl script that watches your logs but swatch watches them for regular expressions that you configure. Swatch will notify you via mail or the console screen (stdout) when it matches the configured log file entries with your watchfor directives."

    tags: linux, system, administration, logs, monitoring

  • "Standalone Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers provide file level storage to heterogeneous clients, enabling shared storage. This article presents the basics of NAS units (NFS servers) and how you can create one from an existing system. "

    tags: nas, linux, system, administration, server

  • "In a recent walkthru we outlined the steps for taking an existing server and converting it into a NAS box. That article assumed that you already installed Linux on the server and you will maintain that installation (i.e. updates, security, etc.). This article takes examines an alternative: a dedicated NAS distribution called OpenFiler that allows you to very simply create a stand-alone NAS box that can be administered over the web. "

    tags: nas, linux, system, administration, server

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