Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boot Camp under VMWare Fusion

After playing around with Windows 7 under Boot Camp on my iMac I decided to give VMWare Fusion a try. I launched VMWare Fusion and was surprised that it had my Boot Camp partition listed in my Virtual Machine list. It went through a configuration stage which lasted about a minute and began to boot the virtual machine, boot time was much faster than running a traditional Virtual Machine and once I logged in it automatically started to load the VMWare Tools software.

Now I have the option to run my Boot Camp installation either by booting directly into the Windows 7 partition or run it as a Virtual Machine with VMWare Fusion. This gives me a lot of flexibility since I won't need to restart and switch from OSX to Windows 7, I can now run them both at the same time. Unity (an option under VMWare Fusion) allows me to remove the desktop window and run any of the applications under Windows 7 as if they were installed on my OSX system.

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